LLC [Carlsbad, CA – 5/5/2021] LLC has launched a Jobs Portal, available at to provide both candidates and employers with a high touch service. Working with Pre IPO companies through our blog we’ve found that finding good talent is a huge pain point for high growth companies. While everyone tries to manage this, it’s not easy to find the right candidate for the job. Also, it’s not easy to find a good recruiter. The Jobs Portal is the first step in a process to make the hiring process more of an algorithmic, AI driven model similar to markets.

To kick off our launch, we are offering all employers FREE JOB postings with the following coupon code:


The portal is backed by major job board API technology which means you can search for jobs, post your profile, post your job (For employers) and you will be connected to the jobs API that has millions of potential hits.

Visit for more info.


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