dev ops can develop your app, manage your project, and integrate it in your organization – even if you are ‘low tech.’  Dev Ops = Development / Operations.

Internet marketing

Whether it’s as simple as lead generation targeted to your business, or a global advertising campaign, can handle your full stack request.

blockchain can consult with you on the technology side of your Crypto / Blockchain idea, and implement the project with our coders.  We can tokenize your request.

Disruptive markets

Disruptive markets create blue oceans where business didn’t exist before, such as Crypto, Pre IPO, Forex, and other OTC markets.

Big data analytics is building software tools for markets that analyzes big data using Genetic Algorithms for traders, investors, and institutions.

financial technologies builds and operates software tools for markets, and businesses in the financial industry.  That includes the systems and I.T. you need to run a financial business.

Development, Operations, Project Management, ERP are the core skills of our team.  We are Developers, Systems Administrators, and Systems Architects.  We can scale to meet your needs. manages internet marketing campaigns on a global level, merging SEO with branding, providing your website mass exposure on the internet using a variety of techniques and technologies.   We mix traditional social media and search advertising with white hat SEO / exposure methods providing the maximum effect regardless of your budget.  We have worked with large enterprise companies, as well as local businesses.

News from our blog

This is the official LLC blog – see corporate news, project updates, interviews, and more. is migrating to our new owner, Macro Tech Titan – Please be aware of this. This involves a huge migration of hosting and other services, and it will be amazing once done. Checkout this article from our Content creation and promotion service, details to come: […]
Charlotte, NC — 3/3/2023 — LLC announces a partnership with Dev shop Dentoro Lumiere, to collaborate on Blockchain projects.  “We have had a great experience with Dentoro thus far, and have completed several successful software engineering projects together, ” says Robert Johnson, manager at  “We […] is offering a Free Market Report for anyone who signs up to a trial of Second Sight markets analysis service. We do this quarterly, and it includes a sector review on where the value is, from the perspective of Monetary Theory. It also includes specific […]

Our Team

Our team has experience from the financial industry, programming and development, as well as other fields. We operate around the world, in the US we are based in Florida, the Carolinas, California, and New Jersey. Our team members include former Wall St. bankers as well as up and coming developer stars.  The team members listed here highlight our skills, this is just a sampling of our team.

Mila Gelet



Parwinder Uno

Chief Programmer

Project Solid LOI

Jake Vale

Chief Internet Marketing Officer

Social Media Marketing
Crowdfunding Marketing

Sameer Omar

Chief Programmer

Project Windows Optimizer

Brett Steinberger


Amr R

Dev Ops 
I.T. Support

Faisal R

Chief Programmer

Credipost Project

Davit Gabrielyan

Chief Programmer

Dark Data App Project

Mohamed Fat’hy Al-Lawati

PHP Programming
WordPress Development

WordPress Shop Project

Arabinda Jena

Forum Moderator,

Jon Orlando

Business Analyst

David James

Chief Recruiting Officer
HR/Jobs Management

Atin Gupta

WordPress Development
WordPress Solutions

Ashutosh Roy

Python Programming
Social Media API

Шмулей Алексей
Aleksey Shmuley

QT Programmer & Systems Architect: Blockpad 

Ishti Sikder

Research Intern

Joaquín Nuvé

Graphic Design & Illustration

Francis Colt DeWolf IV

Founder, Senior Partner

Oscar Villanueva Jr.

Virtual Administration, Customer Support, Technical Support

Oleg Chornenkky

Python/PHP/API Programmer

Maxim Gushchin

Python/API Programmer
Deep Whale – Short Data

Dragan Djordjevic

Systems Administration (Joomla)

Startup Launch & Growth LLC offers startup consulting to help young startups iron out the details.


From programming to website hosting and I.T., we can guide you to help save money and gain value.


Running a startup is not easy.   Founders are not always executives.  We’ll help you get the job done.


Hiring great people is not easy, we work with a recruiter network that has a proven track record.


Internet Marketing is expensive, we can structure your campaign to target the right demographic.

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Second Sight Global Macro Markets Analysis

Take another look at markets with Second Sight analysis by

Second Sight is a service for active traders only. We focus on special situations such as appraisal arbitrage, fraud investigations, catalyst analysis, and mergers & acquisitions. Our analysis is deep macro analysis even if the asset is a domestic equity. Proprietary metrics and analysis, with confidential sources.

What is LLC ? LLC is a development firm founded to develop the next generation of technology for markets, building it one block at a time.  We code in Python, C#/C++, and HLL trading platform scripting languages.

Information Services

We provide information services to institutions, such as in depth market research, valuable intelligence, and big data analytics.

Full Stack Development

We design, program, and operate our own systems in C#, Python, PHP, as well as bespoke custom development for high value institutional clients.  

Disruptive Development

We’re on the cutting edge of FinTech development. We invest in R&D and explore the unexplored.  Our motto is disrupt, or be disrupted.

Credibility meets Technology

Technology can be used as a tool of enlightenment or enslavement. For example you can use a hammer to build a house or murder someone – same with computers. LLC Services

Deep value leads

Market analysis

Business Intelligence

Technology Design

Project Design

Systems Architecture

Services LLC provides information services to institutions such as banks, broker dealers, and large scale enterprises.

Short Data – Borrow Rate, Short Volume, 

Short Data Series 1 has been exploring disruptive and dark data sets including Crypto, Pre IPO, OTC Markets, derivatives, and unique data sets.  Short selling of public securities is an interesting market because you have to first borrow the underlying before you short.  So there is a borrowing market that has risen from the need to sell short.  With this dataset, we are tracking that market with the borrow rate, shares available, and short volume.


Short volume is the daily historical volume of how many shares were shorted of any particular stock.


The borrow rate is the percent you pay to the lender to borrow the stock in order to short it.


The number of shares available to borrow is the limit to the amount a stock can be sold short.


Data comes from FINRA, SEC, brokers and exchanges.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say: has opened up doors for SkyDesks I never thought possible.  They are highly recommended – A+  Thanks guys, you knocked it out of the park.

Dr. Sheldon Gardner

The team helped me extensively.  Great job guys, looking forward to a prosperous relationship.

Alfonso Valdes

Dev Ops Inc.

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Financial Controls

Accounting Controls

Insurance Optimization


Foreign Exchange Risk

Communication records & Monitoring


Companies are required to have adequate internal controls of their finances and operations.

Business Startup Package

Focus on what you do best – your core competencies.  Let do the mundane repetitive tasks.  From I.T. to internet marketing, can help your startup grow, without the annoying logistics slowing you down.  We have domain experience in a wide variety of business types.  Click learn more below for a full description of our Business Startup Package – suitable for startups, small businesses, family businesses, local businesses, professionals looking to grow their practice, brand or product launching, or for new venture formation.

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The team is ready to contact you around the clock in any language.

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