— Charlotte, NC — 7/8/2022 — The market for private shares in Unicorn companies is growing, but the market itself remains difficult at best.  Buyers and sellers struggle to come to terms in a market filled with false hopes, false promises, and hesitation on both sides. has designed a product that solves this, a letter of intent that verifies funds, in a Docusign process using Plaid.  First, users fill out a form with the details of the potential transaction.  Then, funds in the buyers bank account are verified with Plaid API.  Finally, the user signs with Docusign and it is sent for the other counterparty to sign – both parties receive a Docusigned document with a checkmark showing the funds have beeen verified up to the amount in the LOI.  Also, in the contract there is anti-shopping provisions, while the LOI is non-binding – it is exclusive.  This is important to avoid buyers bidding against themselves, which happens often in this dark market.  To use this service it’s only $20 per executed contract, paid via Stripe.  This is FinTech at it’s best – try it out today at

* LLC is a FinTech software development firm, does not offer securities or financial transactions of any kind.  If you are interested in transacting in the Pre IPO secondary markets, visit LevelX Capital @


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