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What is the problem?

Firms and individuals who work for FINRA regulated broker dealers have regulatory compliance burdens to monitor and record all customer communications.  Registered Reps using Whats App are getting fined.

From Financial News:

JPMorgan's $200m in fines to the US banking regulator for failing to keep track of workers' use of personal messaging apps are a sign that banks won't get a free pass in keeping tabs on workers during the pandemic.

The development highlights the risk for firms when traders, bankers and salespeople — subject to strict rules around the recording and reporting of conversations and transactions — are able to work from their kitchens and bedrooms, and out of eyesight of bosses. While JPMorgan’s policies prohibit the use of apps like WhatsApp for work-related communications, Securities and Exchange Commission officials said the bank didn’t adequately supervise employees.

It's not just a US problem. A UK regulatory lawyer warned Financial News last year of a boom in “market-abuse cases as a result of home working during the pandemic. There will be more scrutiny on this area than ever.”

Since the start of the pandemic, FN has chronicled the compliance headaches at banks and finance firms trying to keep tabs on remote-working traders.

Read more below:

October 13 Wall Street watchdog scrutinises banks over traders’ private texts and emails

June 10 More than a third of UK remote workers fear bosses’ spyware

April 13 Finance firms ramp up staff spying to track emotional state: ‘Intrusive as they want to be’

March 29 FCA to City: Use of WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram at work is ‘suspicious’

February 19 Signal sees ‘record pace’ of new users as WhatsApp goes ahead with controversial privacy update

February 9 Fidelity International turns to new surveillance tech to track staff communications

January 25  Banks rush to spy on traders’ Signal chats amid WhatsApp exodus

January 18 Trader exodus from WhatsApp to Signal creates surveillance blind spot for City firms

January 14 What’s up with WhatsApp? Everything you need to know about the shift to Signal

December 16, 2020 Wanted: Compliance hires as finance firms ramp up spying on staff

November 25, 2020 Credit Suisse launches WhatsApp rival for staff as banks grapple with text tracking

November 3, 2020 Bosses rethink WhatsApp bans in lockdown: ‘You’re setting your employees up to fail’

October 30, 2020 City workers fired for WhatsApp say firms need to reconsider bans

October 23, 2020 Symphony doubles hiring plans after 300% user surge among home-bound bankers

October 21, 2020 Traders face ‘more scrutiny than ever’ after Morgan Stanley’s WhatsApp oustings

September 25, 2020 Lisa Osofsky on SFO’s dwindling caseload, UK’s ‘antiquated’ fraud laws and hiring in a pandemic

June 25, 2020 Deutsche Bank to monitor staff WhatsApp messages

May 18, 2020 Bankers beware: Finance giants to monitor staff WhatsApp messages

March 30, 2020 Bank comms provider Symphony plans hiring spree as messaging demand spikes

Firms are being fined left and right, big and small...

What is the Solution?


Secure Chat is compliant with FINRA recordkeeping rules for registered representatives.  It is also appropriate for corporate governance where communications can be material evidence.  Records on the Blockchain cannot be deleted or modified, so managers can have a clear picture of what is going on - unadultered real time auditing.

Blockchain based encryption

Share files, chat, call, and more

Compliant Communications

Secured on the Blockchain

Immutable communications 

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Secure Chat Features

Record and archive

Monitor your employees in real time, and generate reports

Consumer is free

The consumer app will always be free for use.

Mobile and Web

Chat application works on Mobile platforms, manager works on web.

Privacy and Encryption

Secure Chat is designed to have your organization listen to you, and no one else.


The database of communications happens on Blockchain

Paid vs. Free

The paid Secure Chat platform is not monetizing your data.

Secure Chat by

Secure Chat is a mobile communications application that enables secure, encrypted communication on the Blockchain.  Optional paid management accounts allow organizations with compliance burdens to monitor firm - client communications.  Industries where this is relevant include Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, and Technology.  

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